Game Day Goodies

Gooey Teriyaki Chicken WingsFor those of you needing last minute ideas for the super bowl, allow me to point you to some of my recipes that will be perfect for your big super bowl party

Tender and Gooey Teriyaki Chicken Wings will surely be a smash hit. Just make the sauce and throw them in the oven – no muss no fuss

Sherri’s Potato Wedges go perfectly with the wings or just by themselves. Be sure you make tons of them as they will go fast. And don’t forget the secret sauce!

Ludicrous Guacamole is a fresh, easy, and delicious dip for any chips or crackers. Never buy pre-made guac!

Sprouted Corn Tortilla Chips would be a great homemade compliment to the guacamole or any dip you have. And you can use any tortillas you have on hand.

Hope these help! Happy Super Bowl!!!

Fudging Peanut Butter Pie

Peanut Butter PieOne of my favorite starving artist past times is taking recipes that are perhaps a bit…. over-involved or over priced or just plain obnoxious and making a starving artist version that is just as tasty for a fraction of the cost and time. Many weeks ago, long before bootcamp and certainly at a time where I was not at all concerned with what I was eating, I got a random craving for a peanut butter pie. Now the responsible thing to do when a craving like this hits is to recognize that it is born of misplaced desires and emotions and simply ignore it. Or you can behave completely irrationally and immediately leave your house to purchase ingredients. At this stage I went with option 2.

But before I could run to the grocery store in a fit of hysteria, I needed a pie. My go to for most things is Alton Brown – I adore the man and am a huge long time follower of Good Eats. Through some bizarre stroke of serendipity (or perhaps a cruel joke from the universe), his peanut butter episode was on Food Network that morning, which includes a peanut butter pie. You can view the recipe here. Now, as much as I love Alton, sometimes his recipes are just what I described above: over the top. Take this peanut pie for example: homemade chocolate crust, homemade peanut butter, chopped bittersweet chocolate… I get it, I do. This is what Alton does, he takes a recipe and makes it at the highest culinary level possible. And sometimes I’m in the mood for that. For peanut butter pie? Not to so much. Here is what I swapped out:

  1. Crust: do you know how expensive those chocolate wafer cookies are? Like over $5 for a pack. No. I bought a pre-made crust on sale for $2.99. They didn’t have chocolate, so I used granola. Perfect. 
  2. Peanut butter: I’m sure Alton’s homemade version is fantastic, but I’m not buying and roasting peanuts. Please. 1.5 cups from a $3 jar of Jif. Done.
  3. Bittersweet chocolate: I always have bulk semisweet chocolate chips in my kitchen. Those worked just fine.

Using all these substitutions I followed the recipe as it’s written and I have to say, I had a perfectly splendid peanut butter pie. Sorry, Alton!

Quick Fresh Ginger Ale

Quick Fresh Ginger AleSo this has been a week focused on digestion… yeah. It’s never a fun thing to have to think too much about, but such is my life. This morning I took a mental survey of anything that I could eat or drink that could possibly aid me in my gastro turmoil. It’s pretty well known that ginger does wondrous things for ailments, particularly the tummy. For some reason when I thought of ginger, I was reminded of an absolutely sublime fresh made ginger ale I had a restaurant a few weeks ago (I’ll tell you which restaurant in another post). As I gushed over the amazingness of the ginger ale, the adorable waiter we had was very proud to report that he had made it himself. Being unable to resist my overwhelming charm, he even told me how he made it. I was astonished by the simplicity of the process and warned him that I would steal it. Today, I have. And what I love is that it has all the freshness of real ginger, all the satisfaction of drinking a soda, and yet is perfectly healthy.

Here’s what you do. Take a giant chunk of ginger, about the size of the one pictured here, and run it through a juicer. Now I know not everyone has a juicer and for those who don’t…. I got nothing, sorry. Pour 1 ounce of the juice into a 16-ounce glass. Add one tablespoon of raw organic agave syrup and mix thoroughly. Fill the rest of the glass with cold sparkling water or club soda (I used Pellegrino because I’m super classy). Voila. The freshest most refreshing ginger ale you’ve ever had, sure to help that upset tummy.

And please be warned, freshly juiced ginger is really really potent stuff. Like, it burns. No joke. So start with the ratio I’ve given you and feel free to make adjustments based on your own tastes.

Also, I highly recommend adding fresh mint or some fresh lemon juice. Yum!

Starving Artist Rotisserie Chicken Soup

I know, it’s cold outside. Really cold. Maybe you’re feeling under the weather or battling that nasty cold that’s been going around. In your desire for some warm, soothing comfort, you open your cabinet, pull out the can with that ubiquitous red and white label, and reach for your can opener. No one blames you – we’ve all been there. The starving artist is here to tell you that you don’t need to fall into this trap. You can have hearty, comforting, HOMEMADE chicken soup with that all-day slow-cooked rich flavor in less than 40 minutes. Seriously.

How does the starving artist do it? Let Costco do all the slow-cooking for you by grabbing one of their $5 rotisserie chickens. That cheap little chicken is all the depth and flavor you need to make a killer soup. With just a few additional ingredients – veggies, noodles, and stock – you’re going to have the best soup you’ve ever had in practically no time at all. Watch the video and see how it’s done!

Here’s the recipe in printed form:
Starving Artist Rotisserie Chicken Soup (Recipe PDF)

This soup will last in your fridge for 5 days and also freezes very well if you happen to make too much.

I really REALLY want you to try this recipe. Homemade soup is perhaps the starving artist’s greatest weapon. It is filling, it is healthy, and there is no other food that will give you bigger bang for your buck without sacrificing quality. Try it once and you’ll never waste your money on canned soup again. Hooray!

New Episode Tomorrow!

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Friends, I’m pleased to announce that tomorrow I’ll be posting a new episode of the Starving Artist!

Looking for a cheap and easy dish that will warm your body in soul in those frigid single digit temperatures? Tomorrow I’ll show you how to take a $5 rotisserie chicken from Costco and turn it into a big steaming pot of homemade chicken soup that tastes better than your grandma’s and can be ready in less than 40 minutes. It’s the perfect comfort food to melt away all that cold and ice and make you feel all warm and gooey inside. Tune in tomorrow!

And don’t forget, you can all episodes of the show by clicking on the video tab at the top of the page or, better yet, by visiting my YouTube channel and becoming a subscriber. Hooray!