Time for Bootcamp

ScaleOk, I know it is totally cliche to post about weight loss in January. We are all feeling guilty for those weeks of gorging on cookies and candies and rack of lamb that we now, in a brand new year, feel the need to repent and bring our bodies back into our control. Every where you look everyone is peddling their weight loss solutions, diets, groupons, sports gear… If you’ve been reading my blog from the beginning, you know that for me weight management is not some superficial whim that comes up at new years: “omg I totally have to lose 4 pounds”… no. It is a life-long battle that, for the past three years I’ve finally started winning. I’ve gone through many phases of diet and exercise from being a vegan to experimenting with raw foods to going on a juice fast. All have brought me success, but as my life and my needs have changed, so has my approach. When I first started my journey as a student at USC I was a full-on vegan and would go to the gym every day after class and get on the elliptical. It worked wonders. I lost 35 pounds, I was feeling fantastic… until I graduated. Suddenly I couldn’t use the gym anymore, nor was I ever near campus to justify and alumni membership… now what? Time to figure something else out. And so it has gone since then. Trial and error, ups and downs, success and relapse.

My newest phase is actually not one born of new years resolutions, even though I do find the idea of standing before a blank calendar full of possibility quite exciting and inspirational. This phase actually began for me in late October when I discovered that my dear friend Tim, an exceptional cellist and music contractor, was also a spin instructor at a small spin gym, RPM Fitness, in Toluca Lake. Intrigued, I asked if I could join him. Being the good friend he is, he allowed me to attend his class for free as often as I wanted to come. Going once a week turned into going three times a week. I soon began to make friends in the class (imagine that, me hamming it up) and very quickly realized just how good class exercise was for me. Not only could I have a community with my fellow spinners, but it eliminates all the slacking off I do when I’m by myself. I leave every class wet with sweat and, for my time and money, that’s what I need. As we went along Tim talked up the studio’s weight loss bootcamp, which I resisted until one day it clicked and I knew I had to do it. I ended up enrolling right after Thanksgiving. Now I know what you’re thinking: weight loss camp in the middle of the holiday season? Brilliant idea. But the truth is, I got the bug. It didn’t matter that it was the holidays or that I would have to contend with not eating and not baking so many delicious things I love eating at holiday time. All that mattered was that I was sick of floundering around with my health and weight. I had to take action and it had to be right now. Friends, THAT is when you know you’re ready to start changing your lifestyle.

So after spending the month of December and first few weeks of January getting acclimated to the exercise routines and food regimen, I am now starting day one of the first bootcamp cycle of 2013: 6am Monday through Friday for five weeks. 50 minutes of spinning followed by 30 minutes of strength training (rotates daily between yoga, cardio kickboxing, arms, Caryn technique, and Pilates). Friends, believe me when I tell you that this has been the MOST exercise I have ever done in my entire life. It’s totally nuts, but it feels fantastic – who knew I could be athletic? Though I have lost a mere 7 pounds, it looks and feels like 15. And that is amazing.

What is the bootcamp diet you ask? Click here for a PDF of the rules. It’s no joke. But I have reached a point in my journey where I know that dropping this weight is going take hard work and the only way I’m going to do that hard work is if I’m in a class every day with someone yelling at me on a bike. And the good news is that three of my spinner friends from Tim’s class have signed up with me.

So, as I make my way through 5 weeks of bootcamp you can bet your ass I’ll be posting recipe ideas, great ingredient alternatives, and of course lots of sassy discourse on my progress.

Today I am 225 pounds. My goal has been set. At the end of 5 weeks I’ll be 199. Here we go.

Anyone else embarking on a new journey? I want to hear about it!

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