Outrageous Brownies


So a joyous thing happened this week – my roommate and I got a new oven in our apartment. Like, a legit, modern oven with an oven light and digital temperature control. It’s gorgeous. Now that I think of it I’m pretty sure I’ve never had an oven in my adult life that has had both a window AND a working oven light. Yay us! So, of course I suggested that we celebrate our new oven by christening it with some ridiculous new recipe. I have had Ina Garten’s Outrageous Brownies recipe in my book for years, but have never had the occasion, nor the balls, nor the motivation to make them. I mean, come on, the recipe calls for one pound (4 sticks!!!!) of butter, one pound of chocolate chips, 6 squares of unsweetened chocolate, 6 eggs… it’s literally outrageous… but let’s not kid ourselves, with that much butter, they’re bound to be more than delicious.

My roommate and I were recently discussing brownies as I was deciding what I would make for 4th of July. I gotta say, I’m not generally a brownie person, but when the mood/occasion strikes I always reach for Ina’s Brownie Pie. I made it for my roommate for the first time a month ago and she was totally blown away. I confessed to her that in addition to the brownie pie, I’ve had this other recipe in my book for years and years and have never made it…. when I described it to her she freaked out – holy s**t you have to make these!! And I agreed. The time had come. Why sit on such a sure fire knock out? Well, money of course. This is a payday recipe if ever I saw one. But still, the amount of brownies you get (an entire half sheet pan) make it pretty worth while. And again, you know they’re going to be mind-blowing. Since it had been on the table for the past couple of weeks, what better occasion than the christening of our new oven. And so it was done.

Friends, let me tell you, these brownies are absolutely deserving of their name – totally outrageous. Moist, full of chocolate and nuts. If you’re a brownie person, you will heartily approve. If you aren’t, these will be your exception. This is perfect if you’re looking for something to make for a big party… or for just you and your roommate… but seriously we had friends over. It was glorious. A little indulgent, yes, but let’s face it, the starving artist loves to indulge, especially if it brings people together. Friends come running when you call them and tell them you have fresh baked goods. And I just love it.

Happy weekend!!! :-D

Ina’s Outrageous Brownies Recipe


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