Peeps S’mores

Before ----------------- After

Ever wonder what to do with all those horrid, crusty, pastel leftovers from Easter? Look no further. I personally hate Peeps, as do many of my friends. But, if you use your kitchen torch to make s’mores out of them, it’s a whole new ball game. The sugar coating caramelizes and forms a crisp exterior housing warm, gooey marshmallow. And who can say no to toasted marshmallow?

I microwaved the whole thing for about 10 seconds to give it a head start. Then I roasted it with my torch, and topped it with another graham. Best s’more ever! If you don’t have a torch, stash it under your broiler for a minute or two. Or, for more fun, skewer the Peep with a chopstick and roast it over your stovetop (this requires a gas stove, of course). Instant campfire! But be careful… you want a campfire, not a house fire.



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