Boo! It’s Philly in SoCal

So when you hear that an Asian family has opened a restaurant on the east side of LA, you know that they’re clearly going to be serving hot, authentic, mouthwatering … cheesesteaks… ? Believe me I was just as surprised as you. But let me tell you, this is the real deal. This is far and away the best sub I’ve had since the one trip I’ve made to Philadelphia. And it makes sense since the Ahn family moved to SoCal from Philly in 1985. According to them, all their ingredients are authentic, particularly the buns they have shipped in from Philly. They even serve Tasty Cakes, which are sweet, processed, packaged, saturated fat-filled cakes, native to Philadelphia, that put Hostess and Drake’s to shame. Devilish treat. For $9.95 I got a full sized (i.e. gigantic) mushroom steak with onions and extra cheese. Heaven. Yes, I know, the real authentic Philly way is with cheese whiz, but as you can see from my photo, I’m a white American kind of guy. And you know what? I don’t feel bad about it at all. It’s the Starving Artist way. I recommend getting the bun toasted as it gets a bit soggy otherwise.¬†For those of you who love hoagies, they make those those too. Hell, they even have veggie subs so you don’t feel bad about dragging your vegetarian friends here. Seriously, If you are any kind of sandwich lover, you should absolutely stop by, chat with the fam, and have the best cheesesteak you will ever encounter outside of Philly.

Boo’s Philly Cheesesteaks & Hoagies
4501 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

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